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Course Requirement for M.A. Students


To fulfill the requirements for the M.A. degree, students must first complete at least 28 credit hours of required course work (not including the 8 credit hours for the M.A. thesis) and then pass the Master’s thesis oral defense. Course requirements include a minimum of 6 credit hours of General Core Courses and a minimum number of credit hours of Research Area Core Courses as determined by each Research Area.

General Core Courses: 6 credit hours (minimum)
Seminar on National Development and Policy (3); Research Methods in the Social Sciences (3) or Introduction to Statistics and Its Applications (3); Second Foreign Language (0).

Research Area Core Courses 10 credit hours (minimum)

(1) Contemporary Taiwan:

Seminar on Constitutional Change and Political Development in Taiwan (2); Seminar on Spatial Analysisof Taiwan's Political-economic Development (2) Seminar on Law and Social Change in Taiwan (2); Seminar on Economic Analysis of Law (2); Seminar on Political Analysis of Law (2); Seminar on Taiwan's Economic Development (2); Seminar on  Economic Integration: Theory and Practice (2) Seminar on National Identity and Ethnic Issues in Taiwan (2); Human Resources and Taiwan’s Economic Development (2).


(2) Mainland China and Cross-Strait Relations:

Seminar on Taiwan's Current China Policy (2); Seminar on Cross-Strait Relations (2); Seminar on the Legal System of the People's Republic of China (2); Seminar on Contemporary Political and Economic Development in Communist China (2); Seminar on the PRC's Government and Politics (2); Seminar on China's Economic Development and Reform (2); Seminar on Contemporary Chinese Society (2); Seminar on Mainland China's Labor Market (2).

(3) Globalization and Development:

Seminar on Globalization and Social Development (2); Seminar on the State and Development Strategy (2); Seminar on Regional Economics and Labor Policy (2); Seminar on Climate Change and Sustainable Development (2); Seminar on EU Social Policy (2); Seminar of Global Health Policy and Law (2); Seminar on Culture and Society (2); Seminar on Technological Politics and Decision-making (2); Seminar on Technological Law and Decision-making (2); Seminar on Globalization and Economic Development (2); Seminar on Quantitative Analysis (2); Seminar on Finance Policy.