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Course Requirements for Ph.D. Students

To qualify as a Ph.D. candidate, students must complete at least 27 credit hours of required course work (not including the 12 credit hours for the PhD dissertation). Course requirements include 6 credit hours of General Core Courses, 9 credit hours of Research Area Core Courses and 2-3 credit hours of related elective courses offered outside the Institute (outside electives must be approved by the PhD student's advisor).

General Core Courses: 6 credit hours
Seminar on Methodology in the Social Sciences (3); Seminar on National Development (3); Second Foreign Language (0).

Research Area Core Courses: 9 credit hours (2 core courses for each research area and 1 cross-disciplinary course)

(1) Contemporary Taiwan:

Seminar on Taiwan's Political Economy (3); Seminar on Law and Politics in Taiwan (3); Seminar on Taiwan's Economic and Social Policies (3).

(2) Mainland China and Cross-Strait Relations:

Seminar on the PRC's Taiwan Policy (3); Seminar on National Security (3); Seminar on Social Change in China (3).

(3) Globalization and Development:

Seminar on Globalization Risk Governance (3); Seminar on Global Public Health and Technology Law (3); Seminar on Economic Globalization (3)

(4) Culture and Civilization:

Seminar on Chinese Intellectual History (3); Selected Readings in East Asian Confucianism (3); Seminar on Cultural Theories.