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YearProject TitleParticipatorJob TitlePeriodUnit
2021 The Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis and Social Policy Responses: Continuity and Change of East Asian Welfare StatesPrincipal Investigator2021.08~2023.07Ministry of Science and Technology
20202020年科技部獎助專題研究計畫(一般型研究計畫)「近代日本學知與韓國儒學史——以韓日儒學普遍化的異同為核心」(計畫編號 MOST 109-2410-H-002 -102 -MY2)109/08/01 ~ 111/07/31 計畫主持人
20202020年高等教育深耕計畫一核心研究群計畫「朝鮮儒學的關鍵字詞:實學」 (計畫代碼109L890107 )計畫主持人
20192019年高等教育深耕計畫一核心研究群計畫「朝鮮儒學的關鍵字詞:實學」 (計畫代碼108L890107)計畫主持人
2019The Emergence of Welfare Markets? Changing Public-Private Mixes in East Asian Social PolicyPrincipal Investigator2019.08 ~ 2021.07Ministry of Science and Technology
20182018年科技部獎助專題研究計畫(一般型研究計畫) 「爬梳「實學」在東亞的交錯」(計畫編號MOST107-2410-H-002-151)107/08/01 ~108/07731計畫主持人
20182018年高等教深深耕計畫一核心研究群計畫「朝鮮儒學的關鍵字詞:實學」 (計畫代碼107L890107)計畫主持人
2018East Asian Social Policy Turn? Exploring Ideas and Institutions of Social Investment in Taiwan and South KoreaPrincipal Investigator2018.08 ~ 2019.07Ministry of Science and Technology
20172017年科技部獎助專題研究計畫(一般型研究計畫)「反思殖民時代韓國「實學」概念的扭曲」(計畫編號:MOST 106-2410-H-002-112)。計畫主持人
2017Understanding the Ideational and Historical Changes of China′s Social Policy in Context of Southern WelfarePrincipal Investigator2017.09 ~ 2018.06Ministry of Science and Technology
20162016年科技部獎助新進人員研究計畫「朝鮮儒者的中華認同」(計畫編號:MOST 105-2410-H-002-002)計畫主持人
2015Rebirth and Transformation of Bismarckian and Beveridge Models: Exploring the Changing Governance of Pension Reforms in East AsiaPrincipal InvestigatorMinistry of Science and Technology
2015Future Development of the National Health Insurance: Learning from the German Health InsurancePrincipal InvestigatorCentral Health Insurance Bureau
2013Federalism and the Welfare State: Comparing Social Policy Regimes in China and the USAPrincipal InvestigatorMinistry of Science and Technology
2013Social Decentralization: Exploring Decentralized Social Policy Development in ChinaPrincipal InvestigatorMinistry of Science and Technology
2011Towards Inclusive Social Citizenship? Analyzing Chinese Social Security in the Trend towards 'Urban-rural Harmonization'Principal InvestigatorMinistry of Science and Technology
2009Rethinking Path Dependency: Explaining Pension Reforms in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland ChinaPrincipal InvestigatorMinistry of Science and Technology
2008How the Rural Social Policy Evolves in China - An Institutionalist PerspectivePrincipal InvestigatorMinistry of Science and Technology