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YearPaper Title
2022Chao-Tien Chang (2022, Jul). Are Patients Autonomous at Their Late Stage? A Reflection from the End-of-Life Decision Law and Policy in Taiwan. Global Meeting on Law and Society, Lisbon, Portugal (virtual participation).
2022Wing-kit Chan, Chiu-Wan Liu, Shih-Jiunn Shi. Same Ageing, Different Caregiving: Comparing the Long-Term Care Policy of People's Republic of China and Taiwan. Paper presented at Association for Asian Studies 2022 Annual Conference. Honolulu, Hawaii, conference paper, 2022-03-24-2022-03-27.
2021Chao-Tien Chang & Chingwen Hsueh (2021, Dec). Governance of Cross-Border Data Transfer in Taiwan: Shaping Data Sovereignty Through Integration to the International Standard. 7th Asian International Economic Law (AIELN) Conference, Singapore (Virtual).
2021Chao-Tien Chang & Chingwen Hsueh (2021, Nov). Geared to the International Standard for Sovereignty: Governance of Cross-Border Data Transfer in Taiwan. 2021 Online Research Workshop on Digital Trade Law Governance in the Asia- Pacific, Hsinchu (Virtual, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University School of Law), Taiwan.
2021Chao-Tien Chang (2021, May). A Comparative Analysis on the Right to Die in the Context of the Aging Society. Law & Society Association Annual Meeting 2021, Chicago, USA (virtual conference).
2021Chao-Tien Chang (2021, Jun). Equality During Pandemic—Age as an Example. 44th Health Law Professors Conference, University of Northwestern, USA (virtual conference).
2021張兆恬(2021年11月)。孝道可以外包給機器人嗎?─淺析照顧機器人的管制與倫理議題。人工智慧時代公法與國際法之交錯匯流國際研討會,台灣:台北 (中國文化大學法學院)。
2021Young-Jun Choi, Stefan Kuehner, and Shih-Jiunn Shi, From “New Social Risks” to “COVID Social Risks:” The Challenges for Inclusive Society in South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan Amid the Pandemic. Paper presented at The 17th Annual Conference of the East Asian Social Policy Research Network & the 27th Annual Conference of the Foundation for International Studies on Social Security: Mitigating the Economic and Social Impact of Covid-19: The Role of Social Security and Social Welfare Responses in East and West - Lingnan University, Hong Kong, conference paper, 2021-07-02- 2021-07-04.
2021Wing-kit Chan and Shih–Jiunn Shi, Between Central Coordination and Regional Competition: Analyzing China’s Long-Term Care Reform from the Social Decentralization Perspective. Paper presented at the Forum on Welfare State and Social Policy: Comparative Research from China and Korea. Guangzhou, China, conference paper, 2021-03-20-2021-03-21.
2020Chao-Tien Chang (2020, May). Robot Caregivers: Reconsider the Legal and Ethical Meaning of Elderly Care. Law and Society Association Annual Conference of 2020, Virtual Conference.
2019Chao-Tien Chang (2019, Oct). A Third Paradigm of an International Privacy Standard? Examining the APEC Privacy Framework and the Cross-Border Privacy Rules System. Research Workshop: Digital Trade Law and Governance, Monash Business School, Monash University, Melbourne, Sydney.
2019Chao-Tien Chang (2019, May). Whose Duty of Elder Care—Legal and Ethical Analysis Based on the Experience of Taiwan. The 2019 Law and Society Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., USA.
2019The Ageing Social Europe: EU Social Policy in the Context of Population Ageing
2019The Politics of Redistribution in democratic & authoritarian regimes