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YearPaper Title
2018Chao-Tien Chang (2018, Oct). An International Standard of Data Protection and Privacy? A Perspective from CPTPP. NCTU School of Law Workshop on Laws of World Trade and International Investment: The WTO, CPTPP, and Beyond, Taipei, Taiwan.
2018Chao-Tien Chang (2018, May). How the Taiwanese Constitutional Court Addressed the Controversies of the Same-Sex Marriage Issue—A Deliberative Democratic View. 15th ASLI Conference, National Seoul University, Korea.
2018From Full Employment to Activation? The Politics of Active Labour Market Policies in South Korea and Taiwan
2018〈The Japanese Origin of the Concept of "Practical Learning" in Korea〉,"Chinese Classics and the Commentarial Traditions in East Asia" The Third Biennial Conference of the World Consortium forResearch in Confucian香港理工大學
2017Chao-Tien Chang (2017, Dec). Appeal to the Universal Value, or Response to the Local Society? An Analysis of the Taiwanese Constitutional Court’s Decision on Same-Sex Marriage. 2017 Asian Law and Society Annual Conference, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan.
2017Chao-Tien Chang (2017, May). Do Corporations have the Right to Privacy? — The US Jurisprudence and Lessons for Taiwan. 14th Asian Law Institute Conference, Manila, Phillipine.
2017Chao-Tien Chang (2017, Dec). Is the Right to be Forgotten a Universal Right? A Comparative Perspective from Taiwan and Japan. 2017 Asian Law and Society Association Annual Conference, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan.
2016Chao-Tien Chang (2016, Jun). Triple Review: How do the Research Ethics Committees of Biobanks Function in Taiwan. 2016 Law and Society Annual Meeting, New Orleans, USA.
2016Rebirth and Transformation of Bismarckian and Beveridge Models: Exploring the Changing Governance of Pension Reforms in East Asia
2016The Changing Credibility of Institutions: How Household Registration Systems (Hukou) in China and Taiwan Define Immigrants’ Social Benefits